Random acts of kindness week – go on then….

It’s random acts of kindness week.  The term comes from peace campaigner Anne Herbert who is quoted with the phrase “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty”. A lovely phrase. Since then a number of organisations and individuals have taken the meaning and sense of a random act and tried to create a movement.

I sat on an interview panel looking for a fundraiser a while ago and part of the presentation was on something they felt passionate about. It’s a topic always guaranteed to draw out the qualities needed to engage and inspire. The day had some great moments but one stuck out above the others. Using random acts of kindness as a theme, the candidate shared her story – finding someone in a car park to pass her ticket to when she leaves, leaving a small gift, saying a kind word. As a final act she gave each member of the panel a small book by Danny Wallace – Random Acts of Kindness – 365 ways to make the world a nicer place.  We were inspired and she got the job.

There are countless examples of these small acts driven by leaders who make this stuff real. I found one on the Channel 4 Battlefront website – Tom Robbins. He is one a whole range of young campaigners making change happen. So, first of all here he is – be inspired –  and secondly you don’t have to wait for someone else…or even someone else’s week to have a go…

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