Our story of joy…

I confess I am a bit of a sucker for a soppy movie. Despite my best intentions, no one believes me any more when I try to justify my watery eyes on the air conditioning. So, for me the exploration of emotion is both fraught with danger and a fascinating and compelling driver in what I believe to be true and important.

Earlier this month, Fundraising Detective wrote passionately about the joy of giving  with some new ideas in the mix as well. Today Mark Phillips shared a tweet about a blog he had seen on the subject if you can’t measure something, maybe there’s something interesting going on. It’s a pretty good description of the battle between those who need to measure their DNA sequence to know they are alive and those who don’t. The essence is that we need emotional space and some bravery to let go to be able to let out the truly remarkable. It reminded me of the challenge I have set myself in the coming months. I am due to speak at the IOF Convention in July on the 3 essential emotions you need to fundraise – Love, Courage, Joy. I wanted to explore and share the bravery and understanding that is needed to connect with these emotions and to help us unleash our ability to do better for ourselves personally, our causes and our donors. I shall continue with my exploration in the coming months and I hope you will join me and contribute.

In the meantime, I found this ad for BMW that I had sat on for a few weeks and almost forgotten about. I don’t much care for the product personally but I do like the way they bravely claim an emotion. As they say in the ad “We realised a long time ago, that what you make people feel is just as important as what you make. And at BMW, we don’t just make cars, we make Joy”  

Well so do we.


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