Size isn’t everything….

Size isn’t everything. I should know. But apart from personal dimensions there’s an interesting dynamic between big and small charities today.

For some small charities the relationship is based on simple resentment. For some large charities its indifference or even arrogance. Neither perspective is helpful or productive or even accurate. Big charities got there because they started small and grew. They meet a need and deserve their place. Small charities continue to make real change, to innovate, lead and passionately inspire. The sector needs both and its our job to support each other and not drive wedges.

If you get a chance, check out FSI – The Foundation for Social Improvement. This is a great conduit for helping small charities become stronger . Led by Pauline Broomhead, they are setting a great empowering example of leadership amplifying the voice of small charities and improving their impact on the world. Its one way that small gets to thrive – and its one way that big gets to share.

Size isn’t everything that’s true. But one things for sure. Big and small are far better off together than apart…

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