The Perfect pitch…

There’s a moment when Don Draper, the troubled but charismatic advertising hero in Mad Men makes the most compelling emotional connection in a sales pitch I think I have ever seen. Sure, it’s great TV and if you watch Mad Men, you and I know the story behind Don and his family. But, if you look at the way he crafts a story and take the product to another place, there is a lot we can learn from Don Draper.

Making a pitch is a stressful operation. From concept, to crafting your tale the scope to misjudge is huge and the energy to get it right is immense. But its the emotional attention and connection you make that will make the difference.  The level you can find in yourself, and the way you show your bravery with genuine passion, will mark out your pitch beyond the average and into new territory.

Don Draper gets to do this and you get to see how. In your perfect pitch there may not be stirring music (though why not?) and there may not be a TV storyline to add to the drama. But there’s a way to get an emotional connection whoever you are and whatever you are pitching. Take a look at Don Draper, be inspired and take yours to a new level…

Check out the clip on . Enjoy…

  1. gordon said:

    you are so right old Don or is it Dick has the pitch thing to a fine art!


  2. Steve Andrews said:

    Stephen, Thanks for sharing this. I love this clip (and the series).

    But ‘the most compelling emotional connection in a sales pitch I think I have ever seen’?

    You’ve obviously forgotten Whitewater’s pitch to the NSPCC legacy team!! 😉

    Keep blogging.

    Best wishes


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