Love, courage, joy – what do they mean for you…

Love, courage and joy – 3 essential emotions for fundraising. Yet somehow we often miss these when they could make all the difference. 

Is it that we don’t see them? Do we understand enough or are we just too busy to tune in? Are we focused on spreadsheets and KPI’s? Are we unable to be as emotional as we need to? Or are we just a little afraid?   

These 3 emotions matter in fundraising – and seeing them in donors, our causes, our organisations and most importantly ourselves is a powerful key in unlocking our ability to be better fundraisers and better leaders. Being able to tell stories, spotting the moment when real people share real moments, being inspired by being able to recognise these simple, raw, yet most human of all emotions in us and others. These are the challenges that these 3 emotions set for us.

What do you see? What do they mean to you? What examples do you have of love, courage and joy in your fundraising, donors or causes? Will you share your examples, insight and thoughts?

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