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Its pretty tough to prove something in advertising isn’t it? That’s why the IPA Effectiveness awards exist. And the latest Remember a Charity legacy campaign put together by DDB and partners won a bronze.

The IPA Effectiveness Awards were established in 1980 and are recognised by agencies and clients as Adland’s most rigorous award scheme. Its databank of over 1400 case histories are considered invaluable to anyone interested in, or working in, marketing and marketing communications because they prove the payback on marcomms spend and provide a comprehensive explanation for winning business strategies. To get nominated is a feat in itself, but to win an award is pretty remarkable. Check out the competition and other winners this year. Its even more so in legacies which haven’t happened yet. How did that happen you might ask?

By using humour through broadcast media and PR to engage the public and using the rigour of the IPA Effectiveness process, DDB UK estimated the campaign paid for itself 206 times over, generating a net payback for charities of £205m. The key is in anchoring proof, as best we can with an industry standard, opening out to scrutiny, challenge and testing and starting a campaign with that mindset – and taking a risk.

There are moments of pride and accomplishment that we shouldn’t shy from. This is one. Firstly to the team that created and delivered it. Richard Hill, Simon Ringshall, Jonathan Goulding, Guy Bradbury, Chris Lapham, Tamsin Foggin, Deborah Patterson and many more at DDB UK. Good Relations Adrian Chitty and Phil Brady and others. Staff, advisors & media specialists, Susanne Levy, Emma Bockhop, Catherine Perry, Allan Freeman, Sandie Sullivan and latterly Rob Cope, Kate Woode and Harriet Hart. And the charity legacy people who put aside their everyday agendas and gave time, expertise, money and much tea and many biscuits to make a big campaign real – especially Carol Johns and Iain McAndrew who were selfless and brilliant and ably supported by Daniel Fletcher and Eifron Hopper and the charities Campaign Council and our 154 members. Team. Vision. Bravery. Insight. Creativity. Risk. Greater good. Leadership. Chance. Measurement. Scrutiny.


  1. Jacqueline Gunn said:

    Fabulous news! Congrats to the whole team.


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