Relax, just listen….5 ways to do it better…

Summer gives us some space to sit back and relax just a little bit before the dark nights and next frantic season is upon us. It also gives us some room to listen a bit more…

There are plenty of examples of everyone telling people stuff. Sometimes we listen. Sometimes we tune out. Most the time we simply can’t hear well enough and move on to the next shiny thing. It’s hard to listen…really listen. And I bet donors, colleagues and family feel, whoever we are, it’s not enough. We once had a listening exercise in some training we did for fundraising staff. Just to spend some time working on hearing what someone else was really saying, was in itself a revelation. It was deliberate. Conscious. Active.

So, with summer here and a fraction more room than normal, check out Julian Treasure’s excellent TED video on 5 ways to listen better….sorry, what did you say…..?

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