We need more shared bonding

1337502550_626acb14e7_oYou are thrown together with people you’ve not met before. Away from home, bonded in a common purpose. New and hopeful but a wee bit scared. Then you dive in and embrace. But one day down the road, however far or near that moment is, you have to leave. Return to wherever you came from. Say goodbye to all those you have shared your time with. Then you realise – what an amazing time you had. How brilliant and transforming were the people you shared this with. The experience, the camaraderie, the bond – it changed you.

We have all had those moments. Whether it’s the time at college or university, or a perfect holiday, or that brilliant conference or residential. When you look back, with the muting perspective of time you still get a tingle….I bet you still smile. I bet you forget too easily as well. We need more times like these. They are real formative experiences of joy and human connection. In the act of remembering and looking back, you get a chance to reconnect. It will help you look forward and find more. What was your’s? Will you share it? Will others tell you? Will you ask? Reconnect.

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