10 personal tips for all charity leaders for 2014


New year, new you, new spark. The best of intentions often turn out to be a distant memory by February. This time of year though, we all are full of those very intentions.

Personal goals, gym membership, diet, giving up, starting new, resolutions. Most fail but some suggest that small steps can have a much better outcome. But what of the world you work in. The challenge that is before you in the not for profit sector – your personal challenge to be better. The people you work with, the supporters you care for, the connections you need to make to exceed your expectations. As we look to 2014 here’s a quick checklist of tips and some links to help get you ready….

  1. Start with a review of the last year, what went well and what didn’t. What have you learnt? Some people like to draw a big mind map, some write a list, others a bit of both. Either way, capture it and draw conclusions.
  2. Take a more rounded view of the year ahead….write a personal year plan…what are the real obstacles and opportunities across all fronts – home, friends, family, wellbeing, finance, work, spirit, fun? A mini risk assessment for you personally maybe? Write it down.
  3. Look at your work or business plan for the year. Honestly. What’s missing? What are you over promising? What are the big ‘hills’ you need to focus on…not the tiny details, the big goals? Do you honestly have the right measures in place? Could you use a fresh view?
  4. Take a look at your portfolio of products or tools. Too much of one….not enough of something else? Do you have a development going on? missing something? How about a revisit to that good old fashioned matrix?
  5. What can you do to get along with people you work with ? That difficult relationship, some bad feeling. Can you maybe start the year with a different mindset or approach, reframe a person maybe?
  6. Get a coach or mentor…..become a better leader, more focused…here are 10 reasons if you want more ….commit to it.
  7. What new insight can you gain about your supporters, or your organisation? Step back and think…am I acting on insight or a prejudice? Revisit. Here’s a quick guide to help you get more...
  8. Find your story and connect with other stories – stop saying you will do this and do it!!. Get some help if you need it, but make 2014 the year of stories. If you are a sceptic, check out some of the science of storytelling
  9. Build your team and find new talent...it takes effort and being deliberate to make your team really perform. Invest a bit. Get to know each other, build a common goal, find strengths and accept weaknesses. Look for new talent as the year moves…keep them in your frame….
  10. Agree to find one powerful emotional connection to your work and your inner self every day

One other thing….make a diary note now to look at this at this in 3 months time……

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  1. Thanks for these tips. These are helpful because I am also a charity leader. I could not agree more that you need to tell stories in order for you to connect with people.


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