Did you reach the moon & the stars at the end of the financial year?

It’s the end of the financial year for many charities. The reconciliation of numbers. The contemplation of budget versus actual. The gap or the excess. Important as they are, what should we really focus on?
The tribes in charities seek their own validation. The numbers for finance. The impact of message to communications. The turnover of staff for HR. The forecast achieved in fundraising. But as we exchange emails and swim in spreadsheets, have you ever been to a year-end meeting where you sat and talked and answered honestly these 20 questions?
  1. Did we serve our clients well?
  2. Did we raise as much as possible and what can we learn so we raise more?
  3. Did we make ourselves known and heard?
  4. Did people act on what we said and if not why not?
  5. Are our people happy? Really happy?
  6. Do the volunteers, donors and supporters get what they want when they want it?
  7. Do they love us and how can we help them love us more?
  8. Do we make it easy for our people to do their job and if not what do we need to do differently this year?
  9. Did we empower, inspire, and lead?
  10. What systems and processes worked and what didn’t, how can we make them work better?
  11. What could we stop doing?
  12. Did we honour our talent?
  13. Did we invest wisely and what should we invest in next?
  14. Is our purpose understood?
  15. Can everyone tell, share and collect the stories that make us connect and if not what do we need to do?
  16. What products and tools worked and why?
  17. What were the best moments, the sparkle we will treasure forever – why did this happen?
  18. Were we inspired and passionate or were we detached, bored and aloof?
  19. Did we laugh, have any fun, play together?
  20. What can we learn that helps us be better together and aspire more?
This is about leadership. Purpose. Aspiration. The moon and the stars. And there isn’t enough of this right now.

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