IMG_7157 - Version 5I am a Freelance Fundraising & Management consultant, coach, mentor, writer, speaker, trainer, team builder and problem solver with over 30 years experience in the sector.

I have most recently been Executive Director at Action on Hearing Loss, and prior to that Fundraising Director for Maggie’s Cancer Care CentresI was chairman of Remember a Charity a consortium of over 145 charities promoting gifts in wills for 4 years from 2007. I am now Vice Chairman of the Institute of Fundraising. 

In my fundraising career I have worked across most forms of fundraising but mainly in community, major giving and legacies. I started working in fundraising with Scope (formerly the Spastics Society) as a local Community Fundraiser, then regional, then national manager. I then went to Unicef UK as the Head of Regional Fundraising where I restructured the regional operation and created a new team and strategy. After 3 years I became the Director of Community Appeals at the NSPCC, joining just before the Full Stop Appeal was launched – and specifically leading the regions appeal that raised £55 million and creating a new strategy for local fundraising. As part of the senior leadership team throughout, and whilst focusing on Legacies, I developed an insight driven strategy with donors which resulted in a new approach to gifts in wills that is focused on making it the norm through conversations.

Giving. Leadership. Ideas. Insight. Inspiration

These themes sum up what I believe in and champion.

  • I am passionate about giving – time, money and influence. It is the lifeblood of society and community and people who care and make a difference.
  • I believe in leadership. Personal leadership. Finding, sharing, motivating, and empowering people to be brilliant – to take control and make an impact.
  • I believe in ideas, innovation and creativity based on respect for the past and what it has taught us, but with fresh open minded thinking and the courage to try things out.
  • I believe in insight.  About donors, about products, about brands, about the way we work. But most of all, insight into the way people, volunteers, donors, fundraisers and leaders understand themselves, improve and develop to be better – and make a bigger difference.
  • And finally, I believe in inspiration. Life is too short to live without inspiration. It’s a light I like to seek out and hope to share.

Finally, If I can help you solve a problem you may have in your not-for-profit, team or personal fundraising or management world, I would be very happy to talk to you. You can email me at


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    Loving this Stevie G


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    loving the new look!


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